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All changes to your clinic content must be received by our office no later than 12 noon (AWST) on deadline day. We recommend submitting your request early to allow for proof checking and any further changes.

Topics for Summer 2020 edition

Questions to ask your vet

Some suggestions for questions pet owners can discuss with their vet.

Stay Safe this Swimming Season

Tips and advice for water safety and swimming for dogs.

Are you caring for your cat’s dental health?

Common dental and gum problems in cats.

Don’t use your car as a kennel

The dangers of leaving dogs in vehicles.

Time to Tackle Training

All about the best ways to train dogs.

Am I too heavy for my horse?

Outcomes of research on horse and rider weight compatibility.


Changes must be emailed to All changes must reach our office no later than midday on the day of the production deadline.

There is no guarantee that requests for changes that are late or sent to another email address will be fulfilled.

You will receive an automated reply which confirms we have received your request.

If you do not receive an immediate email confirmation, please call to let us know.

All changes to copy must be supplied in a typed format eg, within an email, word or text document.

You can include images and photographs as part of your clinic content. Common images include your clinic logo, accreditation or membership logos as well as photos of staff, current events and topics you may have included in your content.

Images and graphics require a high-resolution in order to print clearly and with clean lines. Low resolutions result in images that appear blurry or smudged.

Do not insert pictures into your email or word document. Add the files to your email using the attachment function.

Ideally these files should be vector-based. The designer or firm who created your logo/graphic should be able to supply a vector-image.

Preferred filetypes: .ai, .eps or .pdf
Other filetypes: .jpg or .tif (not .bmp, .gif or .png)
Minimum resolution: 300dpi
File size: 1MB minimum

Preferred filetypes: .jpg or .tif (not .bmp, .gif or .png)

Newsletters should be delivered to you before the beginning of the publication month.

If you have still not received them by the 3rd, please let us know so we can investigate on your behalf.

Our policy is that we must be advised of any non-deliveries by the 5th of the month. We will not accept claims after this date.

You will always be sent a proof when changes are requested.

If you have not sent a request for changes to be made, your most recent file will be sent to print unless we are advised otherwise.

Confirmation of receiving your email is done by way of an auto-reply email. You should receive this automatic response within minutes of emailing your request. If you do not receive an auto-reply please phone to let us know.

There could be several reasons why you haven’t received a proof of your changes.

The email we send you has been marked as SPAM and has been sent directly to your Junk folder. Please check the folder and add our domain ‘’ to your safe recipients list.

If your changes were sent on the day of the production deadline, chances are we are still processing all the requests that are received on the last day. We recommend sending in your changes early to allow yourself time to carefully check over your content and make any edits or refinements without pressure.

We may have not received your request. If you did not receive an automatic reply immediately following the email you sent with your changes, check to make sure it was definitely sent to changes at If the email address is correct, please phone the office where one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

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